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February 21 / news

CNN MCO will provide the ship management of the 14 newly built Amphibious Landing Crafts

In December 2018, the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA – Direction Générale de l’Armement) has chosen CNIM and Socarenam’s offer – allied with CNN MCO and MAURIC – for the realization and operational maintenance of the new Amphibious Landing Craft (EDA-S – Engins de Débarquement Amphibie – Standards).


Crédit photo Mer & Marine

These 14 units will replace the current equipment barges (CTM – Chalands de Transport de Matériel). Their construction is planned to begin late summer 2019. The entire programme will run for ten years and the first two barges are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2020.

CNN MCO, already holding the contract for the operational maintenance of EDA-R (Rapid Amphibious Landing Gear), confirms its skills in the maintenance of these high-tech amphibious units.

Crédit photo Mer & Marine

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Antenne belge de CNN MCO - Dimitri HENRY
October 19 / news

CNN MCO opens a branch in Belgium

On 1st Octobre 2018, CNN MCO opened its fourth branch in Zeebrugge, Belgium.
After Toulon, Reunion and Guyana, this new location confirms the company’s desire to optimize its responsivenesse to its customers.

In june 2018, CNN MCO was notified for the contract of the operational ship maintenance for the 11 Belgian and Dutch Tripartite Mine Hunters for a period of four years. This notification is the second signed between the company and the Belgian authorities.
In 2017,  CNN MCO won the contract for the Operational Maintenance of the A960 – GODETIA command and support ship for the Belgian Defense Marine for a period of four years.

The opening of this office in Belgium allows CNN MCO to honor optimally its maintenance contracts for the Tripartite Mine Hunters and for GODETIA, which represents a total of 12 vessels. This new geographical position will also optimize the company’s relations with the Belgian industrial network. The proximity will strengthen the links established with the Belgian Navy in order to develop future collaborations.

CNN MCO - Branch in Zeebrugge (Belgium)

The manager of this new branch is Dimitri Henry, a former merchant Navy officer working for CNN MCO since December 2014. Now based in the Zeebrugge branch, his goal is to supervise the contracts directly linked to the site managers as well as the experts. Its presence makes it possible to control the adequacy of the services with the specifications but also to coordinate the teams and the subcontractors.

Baron de Maerelaan 22 WO
8380 Zeebrugge
Tel. +32 (0) 50 212 293
Mobile. +32 (0)4 60 96 58 26

April 10 / news

Operational maintenance for the command & replenishment ships

CNN MCO’s contract for the operational ship maintenance of the command and replenishment sea patrollers has been renewed for the next ten years.

PHM ex avisos A69

Since 2012, the company has held the operational maintenance for the Sea Patrollers (ex Avisos A69). The renewal of this contract will allow CNN MCO to maintain these vessels until they leave the fleet. On average, they are around 34 years old so they require regular upgrades and extensive maintenance. They will be gradually replaced from 2025 as part of the military program named BATSIMAR (Maritime Observation and Intervention Ship).

The Patrollers are specialized in maritime surveillance and public service missions such as rescue and marine police. The operations to phase out the oldest ships will be carried out from the company’s Brest and Toulon branches, with the fleet split between these two home ports.

CNN MCO teams will be committed to find reliable technical and economic solutions that take into account the remaining lifespan of each vessel until the arrival of their replacements.

CNN MCO is very honored to be able to accompany the Fleet Support Service as well as the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) in the operation of the last years of activity of these vessels.

April 10 / news

Operational ship maintenance for the Belgian and Dutch Tripartite Mine Hunters

A very nice contract has just been notified to CNN MCO from the Belgian authorities : the operational ship maintenance of the 11 Tripartite Mine Hunters serving the Belgian and Dutch Marines will be managed by the company during 4 years.

Tripartite Mine Hunters

During the four years of the contract, CNN MCO will collaborate with the military structures to ensure the corrective and preventive maintenance of the Tripartite Mine Hunters. This work can be done in naval bases but also, if necessary, during deployments on interventions. CNN MCO will be able to rely on differents local partners during technical stops, including FABRICOM (which belongs to the ENGIE group) and the Engine Dock Repair (EDR) yard in Antwerp.

These eleven ships are part of the series of 35 tripartite mine hunters built between 1981 and 1989 according to a common project led by the Belgian, French and Dutch Marines. Their main goal is to detect, locate, identify and neutralize submerged mines at great depth.

The notification of this new contract allows CNN MCO to reinforce its activity abroad. This opportunity also strengthens the links established with the Belgian Navy. As a reminder, in 2017 CNN MCO had already won, for the Belgian Navy, the contract for the maintenance of the vessel Command and Logistics Support Godetia for a period of 4 years.

September 12 / news

Thinking like a ship owner

Who could understand the needs of a ship owner better than another ship owner? It is this understanding that forms the basis of the business of CNN MCO SAS. Offering individually tailored technical ship management solutions, ranging from emergency repairs to complete retrofits, the French company applies a ship owner mentality to every project – always with the objective of ensuring maximum availability and optimum performance of its customers’ floating assets.

CNN MCO specializes in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for all types of ships. The company was established in 2005 at the request of the French government to maintain the French naval fleet.

“Our parent company at that time, CNN – or Compagnie Nationale de Navigation – was historically a ship owner,” explains Commercial Director Céline Barazer. “So we could use its know-how as a shipping company, which enables us to  understand the requirements of our customers perfectly and to provide tailored services. Our business concept is unique and distinguishes our company from the competition.”

In the beginning, CNN MCO worked exclusively for the French Navy and the French customs authorities. Over the years, the company has acquired more and more private ship owners as clients and expanded its geographical reach to international waters.

In 2015, CNN MCO was acquired by Pragma Capital, a private-equity fund, and became part of the newly founded SIMCO Group, which comprises different subsidiaries. One of them is MAJESTYS (, which focuses on MRO services for superyachts.

Today, CNN MCO provides complete technical ship management solutions including maintenance and repair services, spare parts supplies, made-to-measure retrofits, consulting and engineering services as well as management services for shipbuilding projects – all on a global basis.

“Since 2005,  we have conducted maintainance, repair and overhaul work on more than 300 technical stops for vessels of all types and sizes,” states Ms. Barazer. The goal in all MRO activities is always the same, as Ms. Barazer describes: “All our efforts are targeted at ensuring maximum availability and optimum efficiency of our customers’ ships.”

Another thing which applies to all MRO projects completed by CNN MCO is its ship owner mentality, which puts the company into the position of providing truly individual service solutions. “We not only have the technical competences but also the flexibility to find the optimum solution for our customers,” says Ms. Barazer.

CNN MCO is based in Brest and has subsidiary operations in Toulon, Réunion Island and French Guyana. The company does not provide services through its own labour workers but manages comprehensive MRO projects on behalf of ship owners across the globe.

“We look for the right shipyard, prescribe the right or adapted work to be done, and supervise the complete project, including attention to safety regulations and classification standards. We support the risk of extra costs, as we directly place the orders for work and are committed to a fixed price for our customers,” explains Ms. Barazer. “And we do this thoroughly and very quickly as every day a ship not at sea is costly. In the shipping business, it is absolutely essential to restore the vessels’ operative availability as soon as possible.”

CNN MCO provides its services to both military and commercial clients worldwide. Together with its sister companies in the SIMCO Group, the marine MRO expert wants to enhance diversification further. “Especially in the superyachts segment, we see substantial potential for growth,” states Ms. Barazer.

Other promising growth markets include expert opinions and risk management solutions for insurance companies, and MRO services for onshore and offshore windfarms. “We also aim to grow our international clientele,” says Ms. Barazer. “We have a global network of partners which enables us to offer our services wherever they are required.”

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