A very nice contract has just been notified to CNN MCO from the Belgian authorities : the operational ship maintenance of the 11 Tripartite Mine Hunters serving the Belgian and Dutch Marines will be managed by the company during 4 years.

Tripartite Mine Hunters

During the four years of the contract, CNN MCO will collaborate with the military structures to ensure the corrective and preventive maintenance of the Tripartite Mine Hunters. This work can be done in naval bases but also, if necessary, during deployments on interventions. CNN MCO will be able to rely on differents local partners during technical stops, including FABRICOM (which belongs to the ENGIE group) and the Engine Dock Repair (EDR) yard in Antwerp.

These eleven ships are part of the series of 35 tripartite mine hunters built between 1981 and 1989 according to a common project led by the Belgian, French and Dutch Marines. Their main goal is to detect, locate, identify and neutralize submerged mines at great depth.

The notification of this new contract allows CNN MCO to reinforce its activity abroad. This opportunity also strengthens the links established with the Belgian Navy. As a reminder, in 2017 CNN MCO had already won, for the Belgian Navy, the contract for the maintenance of the vessel Command and Logistics Support Godetia for a period of 4 years.