« By Seamen for seamen »

CNN MCO offers the expertise of its 60 employees (including 40 in its technical unit) with different forms of expertises. Everyone shares the same values and a passion for the maritime world.

Experienced sailors

Most of them have fifteen years’ experience when they arrive at CNN MCO and are experienced seamen: they know the realities of life on board and have experienced the damages…

They all have various backgrounds – merchant navy, French Navy, shipyard, design office, parts manufacturer, etc. – providing an impressive collective intelligence and a synergy of complementary approaches. These professionals know how to interact in ways that are essential in coping with all kinds of situations!

Apart from their work for CNN MCO, CNN MCO’s employees offer a combined total of 280 years’ service for the Government, 130 years’ experience with the major ship-owners, 110 years in industry, 90 years’ experience in shipyards, 22 years with parts manufacturers, 15 years in design offices, etc.

  • « We are seafarers, so we clearly understand our clients’ problems; there is an ongoing dialogue and a real ability to anticipate »

    Céline Barazer

    Sales Director