Continuous technical support

Its hotline provides remote technical support and/or activates a deployment on-site.

Our daily challenge is to achieve:


a competitive global cost for ensuring your ship maintenance


an excellent state of maintenance of your property


an improved property profitability

Through four activities we offer long-term maintenance packages to third parties for all types of vessels:

GRUEMaintenance engineering: optimised management

  • An initial definition of maintenance and its evolutions
  • An analysis of the reliability of installations
  • Adaptation to the type of ship and its use
  • A search for ways of increasing reliability or reducing costs
  • The introduction of new equipment
  • Obsolescence management
  • Monitoring

Example of completed project:

CNN MCO managed the upgrading of the fuel oil supply system at sea system on the naval tanker La Somme.


Technical management: defining, planning and supervising the works

  • Drawing up the list of dry docking works
  • Works specification
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Planning, safety management
  • On-site monitoring of works and management of subcontractors
  • Acceptance and commissioning
  • Rules and class survey monitoring (BV, Lloyds…)
  • Real-time reporting

Completed project:

CNN MCO completed the major dry docking of the naval tanker La Somme, which involved 120 sub-contractors.


Supply spare parts, sourcing

  • Identify technical parts
  • Global dealing
  • Quality control
  • Acceptance, packing, transport
  • Adapted delivery rate

Completed project:

CNN MCO sourced 9,500 parts references from over 500 suppliers in 2015.


Ship’s crew assistance

  • Training
  • Data analysis
  • 24-hour hotline with an internal network of multi-speciality experts

Completed project:

CNN MCO provides ongoing training for crews in the use of computer-assisted maintenance management and monitoring software.