DSC_3855Quality of service, commitment, reactivity

Our client approach is based on a close relationship, quality of service and continuous technical support.

All the services we offer are tailor-made: at CNN MCO, there’s no catalogue, nothing is standard!


A team for every project

Every project is led by a dedicated team.

CNN MCO ensures a full technical vessel management: from the main engine to the navigation equipment and any special equipment specific to the ship’s missions or operation.


Permanent mobility

Our guaranteed expertise is our ability to immediately overcome any damage and provide maximum availability: our day-to-day work is all about dealing with emergencies and providing a non-stop service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a hotline answered by technicians and experts.

Our levels of intervention include technical advice, safety works, shipping parts or the intervention of competent professionals at the next port of call. As soon as the ship docks, repairing can start. Wherever the ship docks, we intervene.


Over 90 % availability

We analyse the situations, recommend works and coordinate operations. We work on board together with  the crew. We work on the ship wherever it is, taking the attitude of a ship-owner and not as a shipyard manager, and we roll out all the means required. It’s a great challenge every time. Our managed ships can reach  97 % operational availability.